Friday, September 16, 2011

Can You Identify These Minerals?

Some of these I found at the beach. If they look shiny and like they have been tumbled, then I probably got them in some gift shop where you can fill a little bag and get a bunch of little rocks for a set price. Some I found at the beach in La Jolla and some I got from a mixed bag of river rocks when I was taking a hot stone therapy class for massage school. With the exception of rocks #1, 2, & 8, they are all on the flat side which is what makes them good for hot stone therapy --they lie flat on the body. If you have any ideas as to the identity of these rocks (for instance, I think #8 is a rose quartz and #9 is a crystal quartz), please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks!

 #1:  Above is 2 shots of the same rock --probably gift shop. About the size of a quarter.

#2 gift shop?  About the size of the top third of my pinkie finger.

Clockwise from LEFT: #3, 4, 5, and #7 on the bottom. Rock on left is about the size of a quarter, but smaller than the blue one above. These are fairly flat rocks. I don't remember if I found some of these at the beach or in a gift shop.

2 photos of #8 & 9 --I thought it might help to see them with different backgrounds. Similar in size to the rocks 3 - 7. Most likely a gift shop.

#10. about the same size as my thumb mound on the palm of my hand. Either a river rock or the beach. Until otherwise indicated, the next several rocks, I believe came in a mixed bag of river rocks --not sure of the actual source.

#11. About 2/3 the size of the rock above.

#12. 3/4 the size of #10

#13. About the same size as #10.

#14. Same size as #10

#15. 1/4 bigger than #10

2 shots of #16. About the same as #12. Bent in the middle -so it's sort of like a tent.

#17. About the same as #12

#18. Slightly smaller and flatter than above.

#19 --this is even more glittery than the picture shows. About the same as above. Got this at the beach

#20. Same as #17. Got it at the beach.

#21. about 3/4 of #18. Got it at the beach.

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grandmastatus said...

no idea, but i love #s 10 and 20