Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ceana's Doppelgänger?

Below are pictures of Caitlin Blackwood. She plays young Amelia Pond on Doctor Who.

Now, I'm not saying they are identical twins separated at birth, but tell me what you think when you compare pictures of Ceana: here and here. Ceana says they don't look alike at all. Ceana's dad, who spends a considerable amount of time with his daughter, said that if I showed him the middle photo where Caitlin is wearing the blue scarf, and told him it was a photo of Ceana, he would believe me.

Caitlin Blackwood is Scottish. Ceana is of Scottish ancestry (she is also of English, Irish, Welsh and German ancestry). Without initially realizing it when we chose her first and middle name (Paisley) we chose Scottish names for her. When I did a search on the name origin and meaning, there was some dispute as to name origin. One site says Ceana is of American origin, meaning "God is Gracious." Another site claims her name is of Irish origin, also meaning "God is Gracious." However, her name also appears on a site actually called, "Scottish First Names."  There is little dispute however about the origin of her middle name, "Paisley," which is a town in Scotland

Regarding how to pronounce her name (we chose to pronounce it, "See-AW-nuh."). Apparently, there is as much disagreement as to whether one should pronounce the "C" as a "K" or as an "S" as there is with the word "Celtic," (personally, I think "Celtic" should be pronounce as a hard "C" unless one is talking about the  Evil Boston basketball team [GO LAKERS!]). I managed to find an entire web page dedicated to this discussion. It was almost enough to make me reconsider how we have been pronouncing her name, however since we have been spending over 10 years trying to get other people, (including her grandfather--hi dad!) to pronounce it "correctly" it probably wouldn't go over too well to go back and say, "Oh well, now we are pronouncing her name, 'Key-en-nuh.'"

So, what do YOU think? I mean, about the physical resemblance. Of course you are free to comment on anything else in this post if you wish!


Vonavie said...

Rob and I thought the middle picture WAS Ceana, until reading in your dialog that it was not!!! WOW!

....writinginmyhead said...

See?!? I told you, Ceana! (she will still deny)

CJ said...

Holy cow! That is insane! They could be twins!