Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday - More Perry and Mystery CAL

I've gotten a bit further with the Perry the Platypus hat from last week. After a lot of trial and error, I decided to knit it flat and do a sort of stranded/intarsia combo method. Here we are so far:

Another clue was posted last week, so I have one more motif to share in addition to some of the ones I already made. They posted a third clue this morning, but I haven't had a chance to work it yet, and I wanted to get this posted first in case something came up later. I'm showing one of each color they had us do for each motif. If you click on the Perry link above, you'll see last week's. The newest motif is the octogon:

The white turned out to look a bit whiter than I hoped. Hopefully, it will all turn out okay in the end. It's kind of scary when you can only pick your MC, then colors A-D, but you don't get to decide where they go on the afghan--you just follow the directions that say, "make four of A, and two of MC" or something like that.

I haven't been working on my husband's sweater much this week. I've been doing a lot more writing lately. If you scroll down, you'll see! Oh, and yes, I acknowledge typos and the need for editing. Anything I did for my Coffee House Percolator group are supposed to be free writes, though most of us have a hard time posting absolute free writes, so I guess they end up being "rough drafts" with only minor editing.

I'm also linking to The Crochet Way, Ambassador Crochet, and 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Detective Story

Here is my day 7 submission to the Percopotomus competition over at CHPerc.
According to OmmWriter word count, it's 1428 words.
According to Celtx, it's just about 8 pages of script.

A Midsummer Night's Detective Story

          A woman is sitting at a table. She has a blanket wrapped         
          around her and is holding what appears to be a mug of coffee     
          in her hands. She is staring down into the mug. A detective      
          enters the room and sits down across from her. He lays a         
          leather folio, a pen and a digital tape recorder on the          
          table. He sits down, opens the folio, revealing a pad of         
          legal paper.                                                     
                    Ma’am, I’m detective Ken Hutchison.                    
          HUTCH plucks a business card from a pocket in the folio and      
          hands it to the woman. She continues to hold her coffee,         
          still looking into the mug.                                      
                              HUTCH (CONT.)                                
                    From this point on, I will be                          
                    recording this interview.                              
          HUTCH turns on the recorder and begins taking notes.             
                              HUTCH (CONT.)                                
                    For the record, please state your                      
                    name, age and place of address.                        
                         (Still looking down at the                        
                    Sarah Kemble. 28. 1755 Maple                           
                    Avenue, Verona, Illinois.                              
                    Ms. Kemble, do you have any idea                       
                    how the fire got started?                              
          SARAH looks up from her coffee and just stares at Hutch.         
          HUTCH allows her to continue the starring contest for a few      
          moments. He remains indifferent.                                 
                    Ms. Kemble, if you know something,                     
                    you need to tell us. Two people                        
                    died in that fire.                                     
          SARAH returns her gaze to the mug.                               
                    Hannah and Bill.                                       
                    Yes, Hannah and William Pritchard.                     
                    They owned the Marmont Theatre?                        
          SARAH slowly begins shaking her head no.                         
                    They were leasing it. They started                     
                    the company.                                           
                    You mean the "Murder of Crows                          
                    Theatre Company"?                                      
          SARAH almost imperceptibly nods her head.                        
                    Interesting name. Ms. Kemble -may I                    
                    call you Sarah?                                        
          SARAH raises her head again, and just looks at Detective         
                    Can I call you Hutch?                                  
                    If you feel like it. Sarah, you are                    
                    safe now. We are in a room in a                        
                    police station. We can keep you in                     
                    protective custody if you are                          
                    worried about the person who                           
                    started the fire.                                      
                    It wasn’t a person.                                    
          HUTCH raises an eyebrow                                          
                    You aren’t going to tell me a story                    
                    about a lantern and a cow, now are                     
                    We were supposed to be rehearsing                      
                    for opening night, when John came                      
                    in with some changes.                                  
                    Fletcher. The writer. He’s always                      
                    making changes. He can’t just leave                    
                    things alone.                                          
                    What was the play?                                     
                    "Ophelia is Drowning" It’s a new                       
                    play, based on "Hamlet" but from                       
                    Ophelia’s point of view. You know,                     
                    like Tom Stoppard’s "Rosencrantz                       
                    and Guildenstern are Dead" is from                     
                    the point of view of Rosencrantz                       
                    and Guildenstern.                                      
                    Oh, I think I saw that one! Didn’t                     
                    that guy who was on that show "Lie                     
                    to Me" play Rosencrantz?                               
                    Guildenstern. Rosencrantz was                          
                    played by the guy who played                           
                    Beethoven in "Immortal Beloved."                       
          HUTCH shakes his head and looks blank.                           
                    Sorry, I don’t know that one.                          
                    He played Dracula?                                     
                    I thought that was Brad Pitt.                          
                    Seriously? No. Okay, He was Sirius                     
                    Black in the Harry Potter films.                       
          HUTCH is till shaking his head and looking apologetic.           
                    He was Reverend Dimsdale in "The                       
                    Scarlett--" no, forget that                            
                    one...Oh! He was George Smiley in                      
                    "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy"!                        
                    Still not getting it.                                  
                         (Glaring, deadpans)                               
                    Commisioner Gordon in Batman.                          
                    Oh! Commisioner Gordon! Yeah, I                        
                    thought he looked familiar! I just                     
                    didn’t recognize him with that                         
                    mustache! (beat)                                       
          HUTCH scans his notes. Okay, so the writer, John Fletcher,       
          had changes?                                                     
                    He had changes--He wanted to do                        
                    homage to other plays by                               
                    Shakespeare and have certain                           
                    characters do from other plays do                      
                    guest spots. Like have Othello,                        
                    Puck and Mercutio show up. We                          
                    thought he was losing his mind.                        
                    What started as a dark comdey was                      
                    devolving into broad farce.                            
                    What does any of this have to do                       
                    with the fire?                                         
                    Well, it was bad enough that he                        
                    wanted to give characters from                         
                    other plays cameo roles, but when                      
                    he insisted on having the Scottish                     
                    King appear --and be called by                         
                    NAME! Right there --in the theater!                    
                    He’s been writing plays for years!                     
                    He knows better!                                       
                    Okay, I’m sorry, you’ve lost me.                       
                    The Scottish play -it’s cursed. You                    
                    can’t say the name of the Scottish                     
                    Play in a theater.                                     
                    You aren’t in a theater now.                           
                    So he said, "Macbeth" in the                           
                    theater? How is a play cursed?                         
                    I don’t know how, but it is. Does                      
                    it really matter how?                                  
                    So what happened                                       
                    So a bunch of us kind of freaked                       
                    out, and Bill made John go outside,                    
                    spin around three times, curse,                        
                    then spit, then he had to knock                        
                    before he could be let in. John was                    
                    angry and thought Bill was being                       
                    ridiculous, but he went outside.                       
          HUTCH blinks a few times, soaking in her words, then             
                    According to the report, the fire                      
                    started in the middle of the stage.                    
                    There didn’t appear to be any                          
                    excellerant. Where were you when                       
                    the fire broke out?                                    
                    I was in the wings, stage left. I                      
                    told them I saw it. Before John                        
                    could knock on the door again. The                     
                    flames came from no where. I                           
                    screamed. Bill and Hannah came                         
                    running and tried to put it out,                       
                    but it seemed to just jump to them.                    
                    It was like it was alive. It                           
                    happened so fast I didn’t have time                    
                    to get to them, and when it came                       
                    for me, I ran and hid.                                 
                         (reading from a polic report)                     
                    It says you were found in a                            
                    dressing room shower, saying                           
                    something over and over again?                         
                    "The quality of mercy is not                           
                    It droppeth as the gentle rain from                    
                    Upon the place beneath. It is twice                    
                    It blesseth him that gives and him                     
                    that takes."                                           
                    It’s from "The Merchant of Venice."                    
                    It’s one of the lucky plays.                           
                    Okay, so your story is, after the                      
                    writer, Fletcher, went outside,                        
                    that’s when the fire started. And                      
                    it just spontaneously combusted and                    
                    attacked the head of your theater                      
                    group, and half the theater burned                     
                    down while you hid in a shower and                     
                    the others?                                            
                    I don’t know what happened to                          
                    anyone else.                                           
                    See, that’s the thing. Neither do                      
                    What are you saying?                                   
                    We can’t find them. Where were they                    
                    when the theater broke out? The                        
                    other actors, the crew, the                            
                    backstage people, where were they?                     
                    Some people were working backstage                     
                    and some people --Lizzy, Stella,                       
                    and George, they were in the pit.                      
                    The orchestra pit?                                     
          SARAH looks surprised.                                           
                    I’m not a complete Philistine. What                    
                    were they doing in the pit?                            
                    I don’t know, but I didn’t see them                    
                    when the fire started.                                 
                    And the writer never came back                         
                    I don’t know. I was in the shower                      
                    till they found me.                                    
                    Okay, let’s take a little break,                       
                    and start back up later. Can I get                     
                    you anything?                                          
                    I could use a bathroom trip.                           
                    Okay, hang on, I’ll find someone to                    
                    escort you.                                            
          HUTCH leaves the room                                            
          HUTCH motions to one of the police officers filling out a        
          report at a desk. OFFICER LINDA WAGONER, approaches Hutch.       
          She is holding a file.                                           
                    I’m looking for someone else who                       
                    might have been at the scene. A                        
                    writer, his name is John Fletcher.                     
          OFFICER WAGONER looks through the file, and finds something.     
                              OFFICER WAGONER                              
                    We found a body in the alley behind                    
                    the theater. Mutilated. Like                           
                    nothing I’ve ever seen except maybe                    
                    on "Game of Thrones."                                  
                    What do you mean?                                      
                              OFFICER WAGONER                              
                    The guy’s head was on a pole.                          
          HUTCH’S face goes pale for a second.                             
                              OFFICER WAGONER                              
                    No problem.                                            
          OFFICER WAGONER goes back to her desk. HUTCH finds a desk,       
          and begins and internet search typing in "William                
          Shakespeare" and "Head on a pole." He looks shocked but not      
                         (under his breath)                                
                    No. There has to be a logical                          
                    explanation. Curses are not real.                      
          CLOSE UP:                                                        
          Of Hutch’s search results revealing this link: "the Plays of     
          William Shakespeare" and under the link, this line:              
          "Re-enter Macduff, with Macbeth’s Head on a Pole"                
                                                              FADE OUT     


Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the Oscars

Here's my submission for my CHPerc group today. I should explain "Percopotomus." It is a "contest" where those who sign up, agree to post a piece of writing every day for 10 days in a row. Today was day 5. The prompt I used was:  "A sliver of moon in an azure sky."

The Oscars are on right now...I don't have time for this! Gahhh! Okay, just something very short today....

Percopotomus Day 5

Warning: I do not claim to be good at poetry, read at your own risk.

A sliver of moon
In an azure sky

What a beautiful night
For a good cry

So many Actors
Only one can win

But I'll take that Jean Dujardin
For a spin!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Poetic...

This is my latest Submission to my free writing group, The Coffee House Percolators:

The prompt I used, from a list of prompts given was, "Professor Wlecke."

"How Poetic"

w/c: 1168 (according to OmmWriter)

"Oh! I must've fallen asleep," Albert thought as he opened his eyes and noticed the open book on his lap. He put his hand on the book to keep it from falling and sat up with a start as his hand went throught the book as though it were a hologram. The book remained in place even as he sat up. "What is this?" Albert stood up and turned to see himself, still asleep in the chair, book on his lap, tea still brewing on the table next to his overstuffed chair. "Oh, I get it. I'm still asleep and this is a dream."

"Well, not exactly," said a male voice from behind. Albert jumped and turned.

"Who are you?"

"You can call me, 'Liam'" for now.

"What is all this about? This feels so real, for a dream."

"That is because this isn't a dream."

"I'm sorry, are you from the UK?"

"What? Oh, yes, you spotted the dialect. Well done. Now, I need you to pay attention. Any minute now, a door will appear and you and I will go through it together."

"Why? How long will this take? I have a lecture in the morning."

"Oh, of course. I'm sorry, you still don't understand, professor. You've left your body and you are about to pass on, but I'm going to help you."

"I died? How? I'm only 66! I don't smoke, I rarely drink..."

"You had an undiagnosed heart defect. Ironically, had you been a smoker or a heavier drinker, you might have had a heart attack much earlier, and perhaps some surgery could have been done. But that is neither here nor there. Oh, look! There it is." Albert looked to his left, following Liam's direction. Suddenly, where there had never been a door before, but where he could have sworn had been a china hutch, there was a wooden door. It appeared to be mahogany, well crafted, though slightly worn, with carvings around the edges.

"So that's my door, then?"

"That's it. Would you like to go now?"

"Well, I wasn't really ready to go in the first place."

"We never really are. At least, not most of us."

"What happens if I don't go?"

"You have that option, but the door won't be here forever for you. Of course none of your loved ones will be able to see or hear least not unless they have the 'gift.'"

"So then psychics are real?"

"For the most part, no. Most of them are either charletons, or they are functionally mentally ill. If they charge money for it, then most assuredly they are putting on a show with smoke and mirrors, and mind games. But there are a few here and there who can sometimes help those who have chosen to not pass on, make contact with their loved ones, but I don't recommend it."

"Why not?"

"Albert, you died. Let the living live and move on. It's going to be hard enough for them as it is."

"I guess I see..." Albert tilted his head and squinted at Liam, "Have we met before this?" Liam smiled like an actor who has been recognized by a fan, "Not exactly, but you've read my even published a scholarly work having to do with me."

Albert's face morphed from confused to enlightened, "Well, I'll be! You're William Wordsworth? Liam?"

William smiled, "My friends call me Liam."

"Thank you, Mr. Words --Liam! I can't imagine that little book I published --I mean others must that why they sent you?"

"Something like that. It's a little more complicated than that, but that would be the best way to describe it, I suppose."

"Wow. So, who came for you?"

"Oh, my dear friend, Samuel."

"As in, Samuel Taylor Coleridge? And who came for him? Milton?"

"Actually, the Bard, himself!"

"You don't say!"

"The lucky bastard!"

"Well, then he did just die, didn't he?"

Liam laughed, "Yes, I suppose so. Besides, once you're up there, you can meet anyone you want."

"UP there. That's good to you mean I can meet anyone except for those who didn't make it UP there?"

"Well, you probably wouldn't want to meet anyone who didn't. You might actually be surprised about who's up there now."

"How's that?"

"Some don't go straight up. They have a chance to get healing and re-education. From there, a decision is made."

"What, so you mean someone like Hitler is up in heaven right now?"

"He is. After he was healed of his mental illnesses, he took quite well to the re-education, so he's up there, painting away. Some of his cronies, however, not so much."

"You don't say!"

"Indeed! Some people have brain defects, and some just choose to be pure evil, or so it seems."

"You don't say."

"Indeed. You know, there will be plenty of time to talk about this on the other side."

"Oh! Of course! So what do I do? Just turn the handle?"

"And walk right in."

Albert turned the door knob, and opened the door. Before him was what appeared to be a well-lit yet foggy path.

"I'll be right behind you," Liam said, comfortingly.

Albert stepped through, followed by Liam. The door closed, then disappeared. The china hutch was visible once again. A few minutes later, the outside door to the kitchen opened. Rhonda, the professor's housekeeper came in carrying several bags of groceries. After putting everything away, she came in to the study.

"Professor, I was able to get that special blend you like --oh. Sorry, I didn't know you were asleep." Rhonda went in a little closer, but carefully. She didn't want to wake him."

"I'll just get this book for you," she whispered, realizing he couldn't hear her in his sleep, "before it falls off your lap--oh!"

She realized something wasn't right. She took a long look at the professor. He did not appear to be breathing. With a shaking hand, she put her fingers on the side of his neck to see if there was a pulse. As soon as she felt his cold skin she knew. "Oh professor!" As she left the room to make the appropriate phone calls one must make in situations like these, she turned over the book she had retrieved from the professor's lap. It was a book of poems by Willam Wordsworth. She stopped to look at the page that had been held open on his lap. It was, "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal." As she read it, a bit of a chill crept up her arms. She shut the book, set it on the table, and left the room to make the calls.

In trying to find out how to pronounce "Wlecke," I googled the name and found out that there really was a Professor Wlecke! Here is his Obit.:

I also found out that he wrote a book called "Wordsworth and the Sublime (Perspectives in Criticism)" which I alluded to in my story.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Perry the Platypus Hat and Bernat Mystery CAL

When I make hats for my kids, sometimes their friends like to put in an "order" for a hat for themselves. If I can use yarn from my stash, and I have the time, I'm happy to make hats for their friends. Often, they will specify color preferences. This time, one of my daughter's friends wanted a hat that was the same color as Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. No problem! I did happen to have that color (or very close to that color) in my stash. Next, he wanted to have Perry's eyes on the hat. Ugh. Okay...well, I have black and white, so...but how? Intarsia? 3 strand Fair Isle? 3 color double knit? Then, before I got started, he wanted to have a hat with Perry's bill for the brim. I looked up photos for examples and didn't like what I saw (plus, they were usually in crochet, not knit), so I decided to just start low on the hat with the bill and work up from there. First, I had to make a pattern for Perry, so after downloading some knitting graph paper, I worked on that for about 20 minutes, then I got to work.

So far, I have started this and unraveled it completely at least four times. The farthest I have gotten was just past the halfway point of the bill. I have tried Fair Isle, but I was having a hard time keeping the strands loose enough. I tried double knit, but really, the yarn is way too thick once I get to more than 2 colors. I've tried different methods of wrapping and stranding. Next, I will be attempting Intarsia, even though in many places, there is only a one stitch color change. Ugh. Any suggestions?

I am also doing the Bernat Mystery CAL. Here is my progress so far:

I'm using Waverly for Bernat yarn. My main color is Celadon in the Past Perfect line, color A is Antique in the Town & Country line, color B is Stone Brown in the Town and Country line, color C is Birch White in the Simplicity line and Color D is Incense in the Beautiful Things line.

I am still working on the sweater for my husband. It isn't much further along than it was last week since I kind of got distracted by these new projects.

I'm also linking to:  The Crochet Way, Ambassador Crochet, and Yarn Along

Monday, February 20, 2012

Practicing on Celtx

My latest submission to my CHPerc Group. I'm trying to get used to using Celtx for Script Frenzy in April, so for some of the prompts, I'm attempting to write in screenplay format -- which isn't easy when one is supposed to be using the prompts for "free writing."

Some of the prompts I used, either the words or in spirit:

A time when I felt awe/wonder/reverence was then
When I no longer live on earth, I shall miss
My biggest surprise in life
If necessary, I would have been willing to die for

          KENT (25 - 40) is standing in front of the enormous window       
          on the Moon Base Observation Deck, watching the Earthrise        

          There are a few others on deck, having private conversations,          
          walking in and out of the scene in the background. 
          ALICE (25 - 35) walks up and joins him.                                    
                         (Noticing Alice’s arrival)                        
                    Kind of romanitic, isn’t it?                           
                    Almost makes me miss it.                               
                    Almost? I thought you had some                         
                    leave time coming up.                                  
                    Just long enough to get my earthly                     
                    affairs in order.                                      
                    You got assigned to one of the                         
                    Just found out this morning!                           
                    You lucky dog! Man! I would almost                     
                    die for a chance to live on the                        
                    Uh, hello? You have been living on                     
                    the moon for the past two months!                      
                    You mean I’ve been deployed here.                      
                    Same thing with the colonies. I’ll                     
                    still be serving for the next                          
                    eighteen months.                                       
                    And then what?                                         
                    Depending on how things go, I’ll                       
                    have the option to stay in the                         
                    colony as a civilian, or I can                         
                    re-enlist and stay on in the                           
                    service, with promotions, of                           
                    course. And then there’s the option                    
                    of becoming a civilian and going                       
                    back to Earth...                                       
                    You say that like it’s a bad thing.                    
                    Not that I disagree, but still,                        
                    there would be a few things I would                    
                    Like what?                                             
                    Like any of my friends and family                      
                    members who are still back on                          
                    earth. Like certain foods and                          
                    products that won’t be available in                    
                    the colonies yet.                                      
                    My family is gone except for a few                     
                    distant relatives, who I can keep                      
                    up with online --if I even want to                     
                    do that. The vast majority of my                       
                    friends are the ones I made in the                     
                    service. Many of them will already                     
                    be in the colonies, or will be                         
                    there soon. If not, again, that is                     
                    what we have the internet for.                         
                    What about surfing? Going to the                       
                    beach? Skiing? Even with the                           
                    terraforming, they won’t have real                     
                    beaches or snowy mountain tops.                        
                    Are you aware that a significantly                     
                    large number of Earthlings live in                     
                    states or territories that are                         
                    landlocked, and will never see the                     
                    ocean in person? The same goes for                     
                    snowy mountain tops. You’ve seen                       
                    the pictures of the results of the                     
                    terraforming, and it’s beautiful                       
                    there! They have lakes, rivers,                        
                    So, you’re going to live in a cabin                    
                    in the woods on the Moon?                              
                    Ha ha. Not quite. At least, not                        
                    while I’m still in the service.                        
                         (Shaking his head)                                
                    Well, I still envy you, Lt.                            
                    Actually, Lt. Clark, you don’t have                    
                    to envy me...                                          
          Alice pulls a folded document from her back pocket               
                    Your orders came in today!                             
          Kent grabs the document from Alice.                              
          He is very excited, and can barely contain himself.              
                    Ho-lee shi--(Kent looks around,                        
                    remembering there are other people                     
                    nearby) This is fantastic!                             
                    The Captain let me tell you, but he                    
                    wants to see you in his office                         
                    On my way!                                             
          Kent excitedly goes to hug Alice, then remembering where he      
          is, starts to give her a fist bump, aborts that, salutes and     
                                                            END SCENE.     

Friday, February 17, 2012

FO Friday

While checking out some of the other Finished Object Friday posts, I have noticed that a lot of bloggers are putting up a FO Friday post even if they don't have a finished object --often just to say they don't have anything finished yet. I kind of feel like, if I don't have a finished object to display, then I shouldn't do a Finished Object Friday post - or I should at least refrain from including mine in the blog chain for that day. I am picturing some unsuspecting person clicking on my blog link on Tami Ami's  or whatever other blog I'm also linking to, only to find there are no finished objects to behold and they'll feel they've been duped. So without any further ado, here is my finished ear bud bag:

I used Red Heart Classic Crochet thread, size 10 in Frosty Green. I believe the hook I used was a size 7 steel hook.

I am also linking to: The Crochet Way and Ambassador Crochet

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It is RAINING outside right now! This is one of the rare times that I am wishing we had taken the option of having a fireplace in our bedroom when we were choosing options for our new home back in the late 1990's. The one in the family room is going right now and I am actually too cold to leave the comfort of my bed to go in there and enjoy it! I've made some good progress on my husband's sweater:

I finished one sleeve and am on the the second sleeve! Only SIX more sleeves to go! Ha! Kidding! 
I also finished the earbud case, so I will have that to show for FO Friday (you notice I didn't have anything for last week?)

My daughter just came in here and asked if she could go for a walk before she emptied the dishwasher. It is POURING rain outside! Wow. Talk about some serious procrastination!

I'm also linking to Yarn Along

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

WIP Wednesday...Froggin'

I don't have anything that resembles "progress" to show for today. If you go to last week's WIPW, scroll to the bottom, the sleeve for the sweater I'm making for my husband looks exactly the same. The markers on the sleeve show where I'm supposed to "make 1" at the beginning and end of the round. I got a little further on the sleeve than it shows in the photo when I realized that I had forgotten to m1 for like 3 or 4 markers. It seemed too much to "unknit" so I decided to unravel. I thought I could just unravel very carefully and then insert the needles back in.  Yes, I knew about lifelines, but never having the need to use them in the past (okay, this is not exactly true. In the past, I could have used them from time to time, but hadn't heard of them, nor had it occurred to me to use something like that), I just didn't think about needing to put one in first. You can probably guess what's coming next.

I ended up starting the sleeve over completely during Superbowl weekend. Right now, it is pretty much in the same place as it was last week.

To make up for the lack of photos, I will leave you with cute kitty pictures:.

This is Romeo. He is about a year and half.

This is Snickers. She is almost 12. She likes to blend in with the ugly sofa. She is a big kitty. Her hips dislocate, so it's been hard for her to get exercise. She's the grumpy old lady who yells at the younger kitties to get off her lawn (or stay out of her line of vision)

This is Audrey.  She will be a year old at the end of March. She is really sweet (though feisty) and is not as evil as she looks in the photo.

Friday, February 03, 2012

FO Friday Watson Scarf...and a Hat

I finished the Watson Scarf in time to wear it to "A Game of Shadows," then promptly gifted it to my son before I remembered to take a picture of it. He brought it by the house a couple of days ago so I took some snaps. First up, the original Watson scarf from the latest Sherlock flick:

Next, the one I made with Vanna's Choice in taupe, ummm..I can't remember the names of the blue and white, but they were all Vanna's Choice yarn:

The colors kind of look like a combination of the above and the below pics.   Like I mentioned last week, this is the yarn I used to make his now lost "Jayne Hat."

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fairy Tale Rip-off: A Write or Die NaNoWriMo Vignette (#6)

For this vignette, in addition to using Write or Die, I also used this nifty little tool called The Brainstormer. You click on it to spin the wheel and it will land on concept words to help with various creative projects. For this vignette, the words that came up were, "Prey to misfortune, fairytale, clocktower."  As in most cases, I had Write or Die set at 500 words in 15 minutes. This has only been edited for typos and a few grammatical errors that I happened to catch --there may be more...

Oh, and this one made the cut to be read aloud at the Thank God It's Over party.

Prince Oswald was hunting with his trusty steed one day when he began to hear someone singing in the distance. A lovely humming sound. He decided to follow the sound of the singing, until eventually, he arrived at a clock tower. Now this clock tower was not the kind one sees in the middle of large metropolitan areas. This was made from stone and stood in the middle of the forest in a clearing surrounded by trees. That is to say, the clearing was surrounded by trees, not the clock tower. Prince Oswald noticed that the minute hand had just landed on the hour of three o'clock, and yet there was no chime. "Strange," he thought. But then it occurred to him that the bells could be out of order, or have been taken out to be cleaned.  While he was thinking about this, he heard the singing again, this time it was very close. It seemed to come from above. The prince looked up, and at the window above the clock, there was a beautiful young woman with red hair and sharp blue eyes. She was singing and she appeared to be happy. "I guess that explains the lack of bells. Who'd want to live in a clock tower if there were going to be bells chiming every hour and sometimes on the half hour, and right over your head to boot!" Oswald mused. When the singing stopped, Oswald couldn't contain himself, "I say, hello!" The woman above him appeared to be startled and looked all around for the source of the voice. "I'm down here, miss."

The woman looked down and found Oswald. "Oh!" she smiled, "How did you get here?"

"I was hunting...with my horse, when I heard you singing and just had her hear where it came from --you really have a lovely voice, you know!"

The woman blushed. "What is your name, sir?"

"My name is name is Oswal...Ozzy."

"Good to meet you, Ozzy. I'm Kendra."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Kendra," Ozzy dismounted and bowed. His horse snorted and backed up a bit, "Do you live up there in that clock tower?"

"Yes, I do. Just me. All alone up here in this tower. Out in the middle of nowhere."

"Can't you come and go as you please?"

"Umm...not exactly. There's a curse."

Ozzy sighed. "There's always a curse, isn't there?"

"I suppose...this one requires the aid of a handsome prince. If a handsome prince tries to enter through the tower door at the bottom of the tower, and if he manages to give true love's kiss to the maiden living inside the tower, then they are blessed to live happily ever after."

"Oh...well that doesn't sound like much of a curse. Sounds more like challenge to me!"

"Oh, uh...yeah, there was something I forgot to mention. Inside the tower is  fire breathing dragon. The handsome prince must defeat the dragon in order to find the princess and only then will she be able to bestow true love's kiss."

"I've fought dragons before."

"Well, you are handsome," Kendra giggled, "but the curse specifically mentions a handsome prince, so do you happen to know any princes, Ozzy?"

"As it so happens, I do. Allow me to reintroduce myself," Ozzy took another bow, "I am Prince Oswald of Nargalopia."

The end.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My Guest Blogging...

My first guest post on Christine Fonseca's blog focusing on gifted children is today. Here it is: Dear Gifted Me: Donna Susanne

WIP Wednesday...I Might Have a Problem?

Today, I am going to be completely honest. After giving it some some thought a few days ago, I realized that I had a few other WIPs that I hadn't shared yet. WIPs that I had put down off and on for months, years, even decades while being distracted by other, smaller projects. I will share from oldest to newest:

This is an afghan I started sometime in 1992. I was a single mom of one-year-old boy/girl twins, so yeah, I put this down a LOT. For the obvious reasons that goes with being the single mom of twins, and also, over the years, baby blankets with actual deadlines would come up. This was a project for my home, so there was never any sense of needing to get it done. the color of the yarn is royal blue, though it looks slightly more navy blue in the natural light of my house, when not getting the flash treatment of my digital camera. It is almost done--all I need to do is finish the edging.

Also, in the bottom left corner, you might be able to see one of my cats, Romeo, trying to come back to kill the skein of yarn after having been shooed away several times

Close up! I honestly don't remember the yarn I used. I think it was probably Red Heart Super Saver, and I am pretty sure I bought the yarn at K-Mart, back in the days when they still sold yarn.

Here is the magazine where I got the pattern --dated February 1992(!)  Honestly, another reason that so much time has gone by between working on this, is because I would often store it in the back of my closet, or in a drawer--so, "outta sight, outta mind!"

Here's the magazine's photo of the completed afghan. Sorry for the blur.

I know! My cats can't believe it either!  It was not easy taking these photos as Romeo (far left) and Audrey, were VERY interested in the MOTHER of all balls of yarn!

To explain the ball (Okay, maybe I don't really need to explain, to those of you who knit and crochet):  I got to the point in this afghan, where I had used that much yarn in making it, but realized I must've gone off pattern because I was unintentionally increasing and decreasing on the, time to unravel!

I think Audrey is expecting the ball to speak to her.

It's a criss-cross stitch pattern. Oh, and I'm using Lion Brand Jiffy in Country Green.

I thought maybe you could see the "X's" better in this photo. Meh.

Here's the book where I got the pattern. Copyright 1998.

Here's the photo of the finished product. Sorry for the blur. It was hard to keep the book open to take the photo. 

I would like to say, more often than not, these days, I tend to prefer yarns that are made from natural fibers or at least a blend of natural fibers. 100% acrylic has it's place, but I don't normally buy it much these days --especially not for something that is going to go against your skin like an afghan. I say this, knowing full well that one of my next projects will be an afghan made out of acrylic yarn...but it's softer than the old stuff --really! Also, I have another afghan planned that will be using yarn from my scrap stash, and this will be a combination of acrylics and natural fibers.

This is from a baby blanket pattern. I am using cotton yarn that is not as thick as the pattern called for. I intend to use it as a sort of giant doily for a surface in my home. Other projects kept coming up that had more urgent deadlines --a lot of hats for my kids, nieces, nephews, friends of my kids, and this project ended up getting hidden under a lot of ephemera in the craft area of my bedroom.

Just have the edging to finish.

Here is a photo of the original blanket from the pattern booklet. Apparently, I suck at taking photos of photos.

Here is the booklet containing the pattern.

I am still working on the sweater for my husband:

I got a bit further on the body, and have begun one of the sleeves.

A closer look.
I still have the ear bud drawstring bag to finish, but I haven't worked on that at all since the last time I posted about it, so no progress pics today. I finished the beanie for my son, so you'll see that on Friday.