Friday, June 29, 2012

Christine Fonseca's "Transcend" Cover Reveal

Congratulations to Christine Fonseca - Her new book Transcend, a Young Adult fiction psychological thriller, which will be available in September has a gorgeous cover which has been revealed today. You can see the widget for it over on the right (at least until September) or you can see it here on Christine's blog.

In order to help celebrate, some of Christine's blogging friends are revealing a secret about themselves, so I'm just going to cut right to the chase: One time, many years ago, I borrowed a laptop from this guy that I kind of liked to get a term paper done and formatted properly. I got bored for a bit and started going through his messages and found one from a girl he had been dating, and there was all this drama about how she had thought she was pregnant (by him) for a while, but even during that time she had slept with a Chippendale's dancer. She was all apologetic about it, but his responses were not immediately forgiving (though it did seem like he really wanted to forgive her).  

I never told him or anyone else about reading all that. I felt horrible that I had allowed myself to stumble upon it. I'm not sure how everything turned out for them, though I do think I saw them together at the store a couple of years later when I still lived in the area.

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