Monday, August 15, 2011

New School Clothes! (Day 1)

Even though Thursday the 11th was the first day of school, we waited till yesterday to go shopping for back-to-school clothes --due to waiting for the paycheck, plus, Ceana already had a couple of new pairs of shorts thanks to a shopping trip with her aunt. Here she is, modelling her first outfit for this week:

Fifth-grader, Ceana on her first Monday of school, all new clothes. There is a tank top under the shirt she is wearing so she won't be breaking any dress codes about bare shoulders if her new shirt moves around too much.

Close up of raccoon hat and zebra-striped sunglasses (that match the frames of her regular glasses)

I wanted a close-up of her pretty blue eyes. It took several shots to get this one--the flash kept making her need to close her eyes. Finally, Ceana got the bright idea (no pun intended) to look to the side.

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