Monday, December 05, 2011

"Ferrell" Cats

I belong to a Yahoo Groups community bulletin board. People post announcements, items for sale, etc., and these emails show up in my inbox. Today, this was one of the posts:

Subject: Looking For Farm For Ferrell Cats

If anyone is looking for ferrell cats for their barn, we
have captured ferrell cats and they have been spayed or
neutered and checked out by a vet. They just need a place
to live out their lives. Let me know if you know someone
who has a barn and would like one or more ferrell cats.

Sooo... are we talking about something like this?: 

Or maybe this?:

I'd ask if they meant this too:

But to be honest, Colin spells his last name, "Farrell." Okay, to be more honest, I just wanted to post a picture of Colin Farrell.   MeOW! ........Too much?

While I hesitate to label myself as a member of the "Spelling Police," I just wanted to use this post to get something off my chest:

It's FERAL cats! FERAL, FERAL, FERAL!!!!!  Gaaahhhh!  Sure, it's just an email, and sure, we make typos from time to time, but this email gets sent out to hundreds of people. It made me wonder if the person who sent it was perhaps a feral person? Am I being mean? Well, hopefully the person who wrote this email doesn't read this blog. Odds are, they probably don't. Also, I only think I'm being mean if the person who wrote that was truly trying their best, but they are newly literate or learning disabled.  So really, I'm just assuming they are being lazy.

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