Monday, December 12, 2011

Gilda and George (NaNoWriMo Vignette #3)

This one made the cut to be read aloud. Please keep in mind, all vignettes were written using Write or Die set at 500 words per 15 minutes. They have only been very slightly edited for spelling and readability.

Gilda and George

The grass was a lovely shade of green. Gilda could smell the crispness of it as she and George spread out the picnic blanket and laid out the food. A little rabbit rushed by them. No need to follow him though since a little blond girl in a blue dress with a white pinafore was already chasing him and getting ready to follow him down a hole.

"Should we do something about that?" Gilda asked.

"About what?" George had been looking at Gilda the whole time except for when he was spreading out the food. Then he was looking at the food. There were chocolate chip cookies, and fried chicken. Cold of course, but still tasty! At least he assumed it would b tasty. He could smell the chicken through the plastic food storage bag Gilda had zipped them in, and the chicken smelled great! There was also some potato salad, and crackers, and some kind of soft cheeses. Gilda liked to try out different kinds of cheeses. George thought that some of them kind of tasted like feet, but, hey, as long as he got some of that chicken and the cookies, he would be fine. Oh, and speaking of fine, there was that wine, too!

"That little girl...she just followed that bunny rabbit down that hole over there," Gilda pointed in the direction of the girl's last known whereabouts.

"I don't see any girl."

"Well of course you don't, now! She's gone!"

"So then what am I supposed to do about that?"

"She has gone down the hole, George! Maybe she's hurt!"

George stifled a sigh and closed his eyes to hide their rolling around from Gilda. She would be very irritated if she knew he was rolling his eyes at her Very Important Suggestion.

"Okay, I'll go check." George started to get up.

"I'm coming with you." Gilda followed.

They walked toward the direction of where Gilda thought she saw the rabbit and the girl go down. There was a fairly large hole. Large enough for a young girl to fit, but not quite large enough for an adult man or woman --unless they were small for their age. Perhaps if they had smaller frames, well, maybe not George. He was fairly tall. But maybe Gilda. She was petite, but she was still too big to fit in the hole.

"Hello!" George cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled into the hole.

"Hello!" Gilda did the same. It went like this for about a minute or so, both shouting, "Hello!: into the large gaping hole in the ground. Oh, did I mention there was also a tree by this hole? So it looked like the roots of the tree were framing the hole. It was actually quite lovely, almost as though someone had purposely trained the roots to grow around the opening in the hole.

"I really don't think there's anyone down there," George said.

"Well, I'm not crazy! I saw a little girl chasing a white rabbit down this hole!"

"I'm sure you're not crazy, but why don't we go sit down and have out lunch now?"

"Okay," Gilda seemed hesitant, but she slowly followed George back to their picnic, still looking behind her toward the hole.

"Oh, here, honey," George held up a baggy with a variety of tablets, pills, and capsules, and handed it to Gilda, "You forgot your vitamins."

"Oh, thank you, sweetie!" Gilda smiled. That George, always thinking about my health. What a sweetie! 

As they finished their meal, and were beginning to eat their cookies, George turned to Gila, "What a lovely day for a picnic!"

"Yes!" Gilda nodded, "Oh, and I think I saw a little bunny over by that tree there. Did I mention it earlier?"

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