Friday, August 12, 2011

I Might Have a Problem....

This is not a fictional blog. This is the August theme for NaBloPoMo

Here are the "after" photos I promised from yesterday's post. 

Pretty! The yellow polish on the right was purchased yesterday when I purchased the train case. The polishes in the center section were too tall to fit in the compartments on the sides, which is probably a good thing since it doesn't look like more polishes are going to fit there anyway.

This morning when I went to Walgreen's to pick up some sundry items, a few more colors reeled me in:

I like weird nail polish colors. This has been established. Also, I clearly have a problem because even though my brand new, larger than ever nail polish storage case is filled to the brim, I continue to by more polish.

Right now, I am actually fantasizing about taking pics of each individual polish and putting the name next to it as sort of an inventory. I may have a serious problem. For now, I'll just tell you the names of the four newest colors. From left to right: Gentle Blossom (pearly sea foam green(pale ), Let's Meet (pearly bright yellow), Unicorn (pale butter yellow), Cloud 9 (pearly tangerine orange). Normally, yellows, oranges and sea foam greens are my least favorite color, especially in clothing, but for some reason, I'm really starting to like them for my nails. Oh, and there is also the French manicure pen. I didn't mention it, because I felt like it pretty much spoke for itself.

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Slee said...

I'm a sucker for eye shadow more than nail polish, though my toes are currently a shimmering and sparkling TARDIS blue at the moment. :-)
That said, I like the NaBloPoMo theme this month, but I'm generally not a fiction blog either. I'm just taking the time to fill out my GoodReads account a little better and adding them to my blog since I *am* a huge fan of literacy and keeping reading part of the daily experience.