Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What My Husband and Daughter Did Over the Summer

Two weekends ago my husband wanted us to jump in the car and drive up to Yosemite to see all the extra waterfalls brought on by the extra heavy snows from last winter. As beautiful as Yosemite is, and as much as I love waterfalls, my instincts told me I would be unhappy with the spur of the moment EIGHT HOUR road trip that would include at least one of our children. Our twenty-year-old twins opted out, preferring to spend the weekend with their friends than with their family. Our ten-year-old was up for it, so her father and I decided it would be a daddy/daughter trip, which would also save money. Below are some photos taken from the trip. My daughter too the pictures, with the exception of the photos she is in.

Charley wearing his Simon and Garfunkel concert T-shirt. 

I think they wanted to show the juxtaposition of the snow and the tourists in shorts and tank tops. It was very crowded that day, so I am not sorry I missed the trip.

They actually saw this young buck while they were walking along a trail. There is a better picture somewhere of this, but I couldn't find it. 

What a beautiful view! And Yosemite looks good too! 

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Slee said...

Those are some really beautiful pictures.