Friday, March 04, 2011

Too Tired To Write

I am just freewriting at the moment. Too tired to come up with a story to write and wanting too much to continue reading my Jonathan Franzen novel (no, not "Freedom," "The Corrections").  My youngest is having a friend over for the weekend two rowdy, silly 10-year-old girls.  Over the weekend, the plan is to see "Rango" (for the girls) and "The Adjustment Bureau" for my husband and me.  Laundry must me done, but my tennis elbow says "No!"  Also, we have an anniversary party to attend that I really don't want to attend. Maybe I'll get a migraine? No, I guess not. I'm just having a surge of my "agoraphobia" I guess.  I'm feeling very impatient about writing at the moment. I can't wait to stop and either get back to the book I'm reading or get back to playing Mahjongg online.

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