Monday, June 09, 2014

Poor Sales Resistance?

I am typing this from my new iPad Air. I got it for "free" when...well let me start at the beginning. My daughter and I walked in to the At&t store to get a protective case for her phone. While the highly skilled sales person was helping us with that, she looked up our info and found out how much we were paying each month for all of our cell phones and tablet, and put us on a plan that would save us money. With that plan we got a free iPad Air and a hotspot. She also showed me how to use the Isis wallet on my Galaxy Note 3. With that I got $25 free when I signed up with the Amex Serve card attached to Isis. With that I used it toward the keyboard/case I got for the iPad. I'm still getting used to it. Trying the Blogger app for this post. Not sure if I like it, because I can't as easily go back and forth from working on my post to going on the internet when I want to create a hot link. 

If I had thought it through, maybe I could have taken a photo of my new tech with my phone. I'd have access to it online. I could still do that, but I would want to take it out of its case first, and switch screens, and I don't know yet if this will save so I can go back to it because this is the first time I've used this app, so maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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