Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Seems to be a Blog About...

Struggling to write blog posts.

But not to the point that I write nothing at all, just to the point that I often wait till the last minute, and then I'm rushed. I'm always feeling like I'm rushed though. No matter what time of day I think I want to write, I'll have to be somewhere in a few minutes, or there is something else that "needs" to get done more than my writing needs to get done, and that thing is hanging on my back like Megumi draped over Ben's back in the horror film, "Shutter." ( Sorry, I didn't just hotlink the word "Shutter" but I'm in the iPad Blogger app, and there does not seem to be a way to do that. 

That is also one of my favorite ways to describe depression, which another thing I struggle with in my life, when I want to write, exercise, eat healthy--doing all these things would help alleviate the depression, but the depression itself is what makes it so difficult to just DO it. I have to have a continual voice, like a little coach in my head, shouting at me to just get up and do "A." Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes days, sometime months, sometimes it takes years of the coach trying, and me alternately supressing her "voice" before I take even a first step toward any type of positive action for my life.

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