Thursday, December 05, 2013

Can I Please Bring my Kitty to Stitch N Bitch?

I am supposed to leave in a couple of hours (as I begin typing this post) for a meet-up with my local Stitch N Bitch group. It's cold outside and I kind of want to just stay home and cuddle with my kitty, Audrey:

Rub my belly!

Audrey chose to curl up on my hand as I was resting it on the bed. I'm trapped. I can't move. Typing with one hand.
So, you see my predicament then? On the other hand, (see what I did there?) I'm a borderline agoraphobic, so it would be good to get out and be with like-minded women (and men!) or even not at like-minded except for our mutual attraction to fiber arts.

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