Monday, December 02, 2013

Clarinets and Mental Health

We have a missing clarinet. We don't know exactly what happened, but at this point, we believe our 12-year old daughter's clarinet may have been stolen either from our car or our house. It could have happened anytime between November 21st and yesterday. So, yeah, she didn't practice during her entire break. We have searched for it in all the reasonable and all the ridiculous places where  it could possibly have been misplaced both in our home and in our car. Her band teacher confirmed that she did not leave it in the band room over break, and it wasn't left in anywhere on campus. 

But why would someone steal just the clarinet out of the house. Even if she left in plain sight in the family room, surely, there had to be more worthwhile items to steal, like maybe a laptop? There was no sign of a break-in. If it was taken from our car, still no sign of a break-in, plus, why just take the clarinet? Why not take the iPod? I wish there was some way to retrieve our memories from the 21st and from every day in between until we could at least have a clear memory of when and where it was last seen. 

My husband wants us to file a police report, but what on earth do we tell the police? We have no solid suspects, we aren't sure exactly when or where we last saw it, and we aren't even 100% sure it still isn't just misplaced in some crazy location in our house, yet to be discovered. 

My daughter and my husband are now at the music store getting a replacement clarinet. Because, what do we do? Tell her she can't be in band anymore? Tell her she can never play clarinet again? In spite of the fact that she didn't practice during Thanksgiving break, she loves her clarinet. Band is her favorite class and feels like a sanctuary to her. In the second grade, she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and has been seeing therapists off and on for it.  Naturally, this little episode put her over the edge, and she wasn't able to go to school today, even though her teacher assured her he wouldn't be angry with her.  She was just sobbing and throwing up, so finally I decided to give her a "mental health" day. Can I have a mental health day?

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