Monday, December 09, 2013

It Never Seems to Look Like the Photo in the Book

I finally finished the Catching Butterflies pattern by Stephanie Dosen. It is supposed to look like this:\

And this:

I used different color yarn, hand dyed by my friend who owns Inner Yarn Zen for the main color, and for the butterflies, I used yarn dyed by another friend, who owns BC Yarnings. I don't remember the name of the colorways, and I couldn't find the labels, so I guess we all have to suffer from my lack of organization. So, here's how mine turned out:

I made these for my daughter. The yarn I used for the butterflies is thicker than the yarn in the original pattern. The butterflies on the gloves on the left are positioned more like the pattern, with the rows of garter stitch going perpendicular to the stockinette stitch in the glove. With the other butterflies, and with my daughter's approval, I tried sewing the butterflies on in the other direction to make the wings look a little more like a butterfly rather than a bow. (Though, bow ties are cool.) My daughter is happy with them, and really, in the end, that's all that matters. If I took the time to get better lighting and use something better than my Galaxy Note (one), to take the picture, you would be able to see that the little "butterfly" pattern on the main glove does show up fairly well in spite of me using a dark shaded multi-colored yarn.

Also, I ended up using one size up on all the needle sizes. I may have used a lighter weight yarn --it's fingering yarn. If I had to do it over again --and I probably will, I would make sure I had an even lighter weight fiber for the butterflies, as recommend. Also, I would do an extra pattern repeat between where I stopped making the thumb gusset and the ribbing at the top. I would also do a couple of rounds of straight knitting on the thumbs before starting with the ribbing. 

You can find this pattern on the Tiny Owl Knits website through the link above, and it is also available in Stephanie's Book, Woodland Knits, which is what I used. 

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