Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ski Day!

My husband is taking all three of our kids, ages 22, 22, and 12, skiing tomorrow! It started with it just being with our 12-year-old daughter, but then she decided she didn't want to have to get her chores done in time to go skiing, though she used the excuse that she didn't want to be sore the next day for school. So, while we were out running errands, my husband called our 22-year-old daughter, who is currently staying with us for a while from Portland, and asked if she would like to go. He asked her before asking our son, who is also staying with us (not from out of state) because there was available ski gear for her, and he wanted to avoid the hassle of getting more ski gear. She declined, not really wanting to get up at 5:00 am.  He then called and asked her twin brother (or son, mentioned above), even though he knew we'd at least have to get him some ski pants and gloves. Our son was very excited to go, and accepted the invitation.

When we got back home from errands, we told our oldest daughter that her brother ended up being the one to go skiing with dad.

"What? Nick's going? I want to go, now! I was going to say that on the phone, that I wanted to go if Nick was going, but then I realized that might sound mean."

"Yeah, that does sound kind of mean," my husband deadpanned.

She went on to explain how the last time she and my husband and her sister had all gone skiing last year, and she wished her brother, who was unable to make the trip had been there too. My husband relented, and said they could both go.

Then our 12-year old heard that her siblings were both going, but more importantly, that her sister was going. She began sobbing that she wanted to go if her sister was going. She promised she would get her chores done tonight if she could go skiing now.

So, now, all three kids are going skiing with their dad. I'm not able to make the trip because I have my already scheduled Thank God It's Over party for NaNoWriMo, and I'm the municipal liaison, so it would be weird if I didn't go. Yeah...that's why I'm not going with our car that only seats 5 people.  It should be noted that our son was the only one who was perfectly willing and happy to go skiing with just him and my husband, considering that these two are the ones that tend to bump heads the most in our house.

No, this isn't them. Just something I found off Google Images when I typed, "skiing snow summit" in the search box.

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