Sunday, December 08, 2013

My Old Car Misses Me

Around 2010, I was in a minor car accident that resulted in our Mini-van being totaled. The insurance payout allowed me to get a car I had been fantasizing about for a while: A MINI Cooper. Our two oldest kids either had their own transportation, or were not living at home anymore, and just our youngest, who was around nine at the time, was the only one left to drive around, so even though we couldn't fit our family of five in a MINI, we rarely all drove together in the same vehicle anymore. On the rare occurrences this did happen, my husband and I decided we could just use his car that did seat five people.

My dream MINI Cooper is British Racing green, with a white roof, and white side mirrors and white racing stripes on the bonnet and boot. No sunroof, because it's hot enough where we live near the desert, I don't want to give the sun any extra help.  The inside would be brown with wood textured panel for the dash.

I would frequently go to MINI USA to "build my own MINI." I got this pic of Google Images.

My actual MINI, after scouring all the ads that were within a two-hour driving distance, turned out to be Indy Blue, with a white roof and white side mirrors, no racing stripes, and it did have a sunroof. I was fine with the color. It was pretty close to TARDIS Blue, so I dubbed it, The TARDIS, explaining that it has Time Lord Technology because it's "bigger on the inside."

Earlier this year, my 2004 MINI developed a fatal illness with it's transmission. Reluctantly, we (Okay, I was much more reluctant than my husband), traded it in for a brand new Scion XD. We had a choice between Charcoal, and Black Currant Metallic. Of course, I had to choose the weird color. It's almost as small as the MINI, but with more space on the inside, including room to seat five, and 4-doors instead of two. It doesn't look as retro on the inside as my MINI did, but it does have a USB port, AUX hook up, and Bluetooth for phones and/or iPods, which the MINI did not have.

This is just from the internet. But it looks just like my car.
Today, as I was leaving the restaurant where we had our NaNoWriMo TGIO "party" today, I saw, parked right next to MY Scion, in the very same spot where I had parked last year, when I was still driving my MINI cooper,  MY old MINI! Okay, most likely, it was not my old MINI cooper, as blue and white MINIs with sunroofs are not a particularly rare sighting in these parts. Still, I thought it was cool enough to take a pic:

Yep, that's my little Scion to the left of the MINI.

Okay, that is all. Every time I see a blue MINI like that, I just think my car must miss me, because it seems to be following me around....Yeah, that's it. My car misses ME. 

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