Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Look What I Got!

First, my mug that I ordered through The Bloggess arrived today:

They let you customize it on Zazzle, so I changed the color of the handle and the ring around the lip from black to red, you know, 'cause it goes with the blood. The other side of the mug originally said "Weird and Proud," but I changed it up a bit with a drawing I did for DrawSomething 2's Daily Draw. The word of the day was "Costume":

Yep. Ralphie from "A Christmas Story."

And...Saving the best for last, at least, in my opinion. My yarn for THE SCARF arrived from Knit Picks!

I used their Palette Yarn
And that's Y A R N even thought it looks like Y A M.
As soon as I finish my daughter's fingerless mittens, I'll start on the scarf.


Nadine F said...

is that the scarf you are knitting? like the one in the photograph?

hi from a fellow knitter, btw. are you feeling the Christmas knitting pressure?i sure am!

....writinginmyhead said...

Hi Nadine,

Yes, I'm knitting the 4th Doctor's scarf from the classic Doctor Who series. It will end up being smaller because I'm using fingering yarn instead of worsted weight as the original pattern calls for.

I'm not feeling the Christmas knitting pressure per se, but that is only because I was raised in a religion that doesn't celebrate the holidays as were my older kids and my husband. Though we are inactive now, we still feel awkward about celebrating holidays. Still, I DO feel some pressure because I promised my older daughter some fingerless mitts, and the scarf is going to my younger daughter, but I really need to finish the mitts before I can start on the scarf, but I really want to get BOTH done while they can still use them THIS winter! ;-)