Friday, December 06, 2013

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

A couple of days ago, I made a post about getting some goodies I had ordered. I also posted the pics on Instagram. One of my friends commented and asked how much I spend on yarn, because it seemed so expensive at Hobby Lobby. Here was my answer (edited for typos):
This particular yarn was on sale at I don't normally like to buy yarn online because I can't feel it or see what the colors REALLY are in person. I took a chance here because the price was so low at the time. I recommend getting the Joann's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby phone apps. You'll get the weekly coupons sent to your phone so you don't have to remember to bring them. I usually go to Joann's and wait for sales and use coupons but they are all about the same. Sometimes Walmart will have lower prices, but much less of a selection. Each of those main three stores will have a line of yarn or a colorway that the other 2 don't have. I also have friends who hand dye yarn. I buy that too, but of course its more expensive due to the higher quality of the yarn and the hand dyeing. How much I pay depends on what I want to make. Cheaper yarn like acrylics will cost less. Sometimes I'm willing to pay more for higher quality yarn with natural fibers. Also, it depends on how much yarn is in a skein or a hank. The yarn I bought was fingering weight. 231 yards per skein. The prices ranged from 1.69 to 3.39 per skein. 4 of them were under $2, 5 were under $3 and only one was over $3. I thought those were pretty great prices for that particular yarn, oh and its 100% Peruvian highland wool.

A very small sampling of some of my yarns.

I'm checking all prices on unless I can't find a particular yarn there. I tend to buy a lot of my yarn at Joann's just because it's the closest to my house, followed by Hobby Lobby (which I rarely go to, only because I'm still sad that Mervyn's isn't in that location anymore, AND I get too much of a synapses overload walking from the front of the store all they way back to the yarn aisle. And then Michael's is the next closest, but usually my second choice for yarn, just out of habit since Hobby Lobby hasn't been in town as long. 

From the top left: Lion Brand Jiffy: Right now, it's selling for $2.84/skein, down from $3.79. It is 100% brushed acrylic. The solid colors are 3oz and 135 yards. It is a bulky weight yarn. 

Going clockwise to the right, is Caron One Pound: It is selling for $6.99/skein, down from $9.99-$8.99 (apparently some colors cost more than others??) It is 100% acrylic and feels softer and more comfortable to the touch than the Jiffy yarn. It is 16oz, and a whopping 826 yards. It is worsted weight. 

Next, is Caron, Naturally Caron Spa: This has actually been discontinued because Caron was purchase by Bernat Yarns, and apparently they already had a similar (though not quite the same...grrrr) yarn in their inventory. I did manage to find a place to purchase it on the internet: It was selling for $3.99/skein down from $4.99. It is 25% Bamboo/75% acrylic. It is very soft and silky. I'm sad to see this line go. It is 3oz and 251 yards. It's more of a sport weight yarn. 

Going back to the left, do you see the little ball of yarn that is multi-colored blues, greens, and purples? Yeah, I am a moron who lost the label, but I bought it at a local independent yarn shop (now closed). I don't remember the name, but I do have a vague memory of it either being 100% alpaca, or a wool/alpaca blend. I do recall paying around $12 for it, which seems like a lot...but I NEEDED it. Some of you fellow fiber artists will totally understand what I am saying here ;-)

Next on the right, is a hank of yarn that was hand-dyed by a member of my local Stitch N Bitch group. It was made for a special event that some of the members went to: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) Opening Night. I'm not into the Twilight Saga, so I just bought the yarn, because it was so beautiful, I could not resist! it is 75% Merino Wool/25% nylon. 460 yards of fingering weight yarn. Because it is Merino Wool, it can be machine washed in cool water and tumble dried on low. It was $24 for this limited edition yarn. Her website is:

Next, is a hank of yarn I purchased at the Vista Fiber Art Fiesta a couple of years ago. Michaeline Marie is the fiber artist. I didn't see anything up on her site as of this typing, but keep checking back.  I bought the last two hanks of this colorway for a total of $40 (so, $20 each, if you're doing the math). This is also a fingering weight yarn, though it looks slightly thicker than the previous yarn. I have no other information on this yarn, other than I am going to assume it is wool or a wool blend, and will probably not take the chance of machine washing it --though maybe I'll end up knitting a little sample to wash and see how that goes. 

At this point, I am wondering what possessed me to put so many different types of yarn in the photo. I want to done now. Okay....soldiering on....

Next is Lion Brand Suede: This yarn has also been discontinued. It is a bulky weight chenille yarn. Very soft, like...suede.  100% polyester, 3oz, 122 yards. It can still be purchased on ebay for anywhere from a $1 (as of this typing) to $14. Good luck!

Below the Suede is Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton. This particular skein is 3oz and 150 yards. Now, they either sell them in 2oz or 4oz skeins. The 4oz of this is $2.24 down from $2.99 on 

The last three balls are Noro Yarn Silk Garden. I bought these a while back from Jimmy Beans Wool. I can't find the labels (see earlier about me being a moron) They are 45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lamb's wool and Dry Clean Only. 50 grams, 110 yards of heavy worsted/Aran weight. They usually run about $11.95 a skein. 

Okay, am I done? Yes? For now. I do want to give a shout out to some of my other friends who hand-dye and make other fiber art related accessories:

One day, I will have my own Etsy shop with little thingies I've made with yarn...just gotta build up that know....after I make all these gifts....

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